Pet Strapping Machine


PET Straps replaces conventional steel straps in almost every strapping applications. It has a better load bearing capacity and heavy materials like steel and heavy boxes are strapped by PET strapping machines.

Our PET strapping tool is portable and light weight enabling the operator to handle with less effort.

Pneumatic and Battery Models are available:

Model XQD-19 Pneumatic XQH-19 Pneumatic Cotton Bailing Z-323-19 Battery Z-322-16 Battery
Strap Quality PET PET/PP PET PET
Strap Width 13-19mm 13-19mm 12.7-19mm 10-16mm
Strap Thickness 0.5-1mm 0.5-1.2mm 0.4-1.34mm 0.4-1.05mm
Tension Force 2500N Without Tensioner 650-3500N 200-400N
Sealing Friction Weld Joint Friction Weld Joint Friction Weld Joint Friction Weld Joint
Weight 3.8 Kg 2Kg 4.4Kg 4.4Kg
Size 80x160x180mm 220x115x130mm 335x159x126mm 335x159x126mm