Continous Band Sealer Machine

Widely used for packing of spices, tea, namkin, oil, and any other free flowing product. Forming of the pouch, Filling the required quantity of material in the pouch and sealing of the pouch are done automatically. Electronic Photocell unit controls the proper sealing of the pouches. Electronic Batch Coding device and Nitrogen flushing attachment are optional.

Products which can be packed by this machine.

  • Spices powders like Chilli, Coriander, Garam Masala, Turmeric (Haldi) etc
  • Tea Powder / Ground Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Sugar or any uniform and free flowing items
  • Oil / Grease / Water / tomato ketchup / creams etc
  • Salt
  • Candy, Biscuit etc.

Power Required:

  • 0.5 1 HP motor, Single Phase, 220 V

Operational Speed:

  • 20-90 pouches per minute depending upon the size of the pouches

Packing Material:

  • Any heat sealable laminated film such as polyester/poly, Polyestr/Foil/Poly, metalised Polyester /Poly or any other multi layer laminated films can be used.

Packing Range:

  • 0.5 gms to 500 gms, depending upon the material and volume. The machine is very compact and requires a space of 3x3 for installation.